Featured Speakers :

Brigadier General James Burton
Brigadier General James Burton
Commanding General, 20th CBRNE
US Army
 Paul Heslop
Paul Heslop
Chief, Programme, Planning & Management Section
United Nations Mine Action Service
Major General Muhammed Khalid
Major General Muhammed Khalid
Chief, Security and Counterterrorism, Islamabad
Colonel J A Matthews OBE
Colonel J A Matthews OBE
Head of the UK C-IED Institutionalisation Programme, DE&S
Commander William Ranney
Commander William Ranney
Chief CIED Branch
Lieutenant Colonel Giovanny Riaño Garzon
Lieutenant Colonel Giovanny Riaño Garzon
Anti-explosives CBRN Information and Firearms Tracing Centre
Mike Harris
Senior Manager CT Ops (UK)
Allen-Vanguard Counter-Threat Solutions

Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Counter IED 2014

Counter IED and EOD missions were synonymous with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But as these operations draw to a close, the continuing threat of IEDs in both military and civilian landscapes makes a Counter IED and Explosive Ordnance Disposal ready force no less important. The Middle East, North Africa and South America, as well as the West are all suffering from the proliferation of these weapons as a tool of terrorism and disruption, necessitating effective future planning and training.

Defence IQ is delighted to announce EOD & CIED 2014, to be held on the 17th - 19th November in Madrid.

Bringing together senior international military, police forces and defence industry, from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, EOD & CIED 2014 will offer high level discussion on the key challenges facing the CIED/EOD community and engage in debate on the strategies and new technologies available for future force development.

By attending EOD & CIED 2014, you will come away with a detailed understanding of:

  • How militaries and police forces from across Europe, North America the Middle East and Africa are approaching C-IED & EOD operations, their current capabilities and equipment and how they will be developing their force over the next five years
  • The latest detection, protection, robotic and disposal solutions on the market and where you can expect the technology to be heading in the near future
  • How forces are approaching C-IED & EOD training, the challenges and current shortfalls, and what strategies are in place to make sure forces are fully ready to adapt to the continuing threat

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